Intelligence Built-In

All the while you're working, LPology is quietly operating in the background, analyzing the information you enter at the moment you enter it.

Data points, such as names, street addresses, and license plates, are matched against other reports and investigations in real-time to identify possible links. If a link is found you'll receive instant notification.


LPology's alert system is a solution to the challenge of effectively distributing intelligence. The system was designed with one goal: to quickly and efficiently provide users with the information they need. To accomplish this, alert notifications are transmitted by e-mail and text message based on geographic location.

The effect of establishing a central channel for communication with an easy-to-use interface is an increase in both the amount and relevancy of information being shared. The resulting benefit is clear - quicker resolution of more impactful cases.

Some features of the alert system:

  • Quickly distribute incident information, pictures, and video.
  • Easier than e-mail - just enter the alert information, click send, and the relevant users will automatically be notified.
  • View alerts on your mobile phone with LPology Mobile.
  • Broadcast alerts within a geographic area for any type of incident.
  • Users receive alert notifications by e-mail and text messaging based on individual preferences.